Wellness at the Cathedral - 30th Jaunuary 2020

This event will be our third Wellness Retreat Day, and the first of this decade! Held at the stunning Chichester Cathedral.

The day will feature six Wellness Coaches who are going to “giving you a tool kit to lead a more mindful, content and thus happy life”

The day will be divided up into three experts in the morning, then a two course “supper club style lunch” followed by three more experts in the afternoon.

six talks to give you a toolkit to lead a more mindful, content and thus happier life...

Wellness at the barn speaker 04

Fran Pennant
We are Blessed

Blessed is a brand new yoga studio just outside chichester, founded by Niki Perry who has been teaching in the are for the last ten years. Blessed was born from a simple vision to help people transform their bodies and minds and achieve balance in an otherwise hectic world. Niki believes the more you practice the deeper you will connect with yourself, others and the world around you. At the blessed studio there are many fabulous teachers and we have been blessed ourselves with getting the lovely Fran to teach a pop up yoga session at the start of the day. To learn more about Niki and her team, you can read more here ( http://www.weareblessed.com/ )

Wellness at the barn speaker 01

Kate Delaney
Life is now

Followed by Kate Delaney PHD, a locally based Mindfulness coach. She is planning to educate you in her talk about the power of mindfulness and how to become aware of our thoughts, feelings and experiences moment by moment. Her whole ethos is to enables her clients to learn how to take a step back and observe life from a place of peace and acceptance.To learn more about Kate , you can read more here (https://www.lifeisnow.co.uk/)

Wellness at the barn speaker 02

Laura Coleman
Be Meditation

Laura Coleman is a hampshire based meditation coach who we have worked a lot with over the last two years, she believes that mindful conscious living can be aided massive by regular meditation. Laura will teach us how when we lose touch with our inner stillness we loss touch with ourselves and when we lose touch with ourselves we lose ourselves in the world and the fast pace life we have all become accustom to. To learn more about Laura, you can read more here ( bemodernmeditation.com )

Wellness at the barn speaker 05

Tristan Gooley
Nature Navigator

Tristan Gooley is a qualified natural navigator and award winning author. His whole occupation is about finding clues in nature to tell him where to go and about how nature is formed. He is therefore best placed to get us all to look at things in nature deeper then we all do and thus use nature to be more present and mindful. He is going to do his talk outside after lunch in the cathedral gardens, as long as the weather is kind to us! To learn more about Tristan, you can read more here ( https://www.naturalnavigator.com/)

Wellness at the barn speaker 03

Charlotte Edsell
Candida Stevens

Tristan will be followed by Candida Stevens Gallery affiliated Artist Charlotte Edsell. Charlotte has been sharing Qigong at Champney’s for the last ten years. Qigong is a centuries old system of body posture and movement, breathing and meditation used for the purposes of health, mindfulness and spirituality. Charlotte will be doing an easy beginners practice, aimed at invigorating your “qi” flow, life force and energy flow. To learn more about Charlotte & Candida Stevens Gallery, you can read more here ( https://candidastevens.com/artists/90-charlotte-edsell/overview/)

Wellness at the barn speaker 03

Neil Smith
Lano Yoga

The last session of the day will be taken by Neil Smith Lano yoga founder who owns a hot and non hot yoga studio in the centre of Chichester. Neil is a Bikram teacher but plans to spend his time with you educating you about why this form of exercise can not only strengthen your flexibility and breathing but make your body stronger and give you mental wellbeing. This session will be by candle light and beautiful way to close your day. To learn more about Neil and his team, you can read more on ( https://lanoyoga.com/ )

Supper club style 2 course lunch, tea and coffee

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