The Disease Delusion & the power of herbs -

9th October 2019 - The Kennels, on the Goodwood Estate

Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8pm start

The actual inspiration behind this talk is from a book called “The disease dillusion” written by Dr Jeffrey Bland. Our next speaker Afifah Hamilton MNIMH – is a Clinical Nutrition & Herbal Medicine and such a interesting well read lady! We visited her at her clinic about a month ago and was simply blown away by her views and research! So we’re going to talk about disease, we are going to talk about herbs, herbal medicine and we are going to talk about root causes. There is constant pressure to take pharmaceutical routes to remedy anything from a simple headache to something more serious. Afifah will challenge the need to do this by explaining how the body truly works and why we don’t delve into the #rootcauses of poor health enough! It’s going to be brilliant.

Some more info on Afifah - her private practise started in 1993, after four years of formal training. For a long time She treated a lot of people with skin disorders, respiratory issues, hormone disruption, heart and circulatory disorders, depression and anxiety, and I gained a reputation for success in this sort of general medicine. Then, about a decade or so ago, Afifah started to attract increasingly complex cases, involving multiple organ systems, many with major immune and autoimmune reactions. GPs were unable to meet the needs of such patients and she had to rise to the challenge.

Afifah immersed myself in the medical literature, reading hundreds of scientific papers every year, and attending specialist seminars. Perhaps my greatest breakthrough was understanding the fundamental role of nutrition in modifying the course of disease. She also trained in phlebotomy with the NHS so that I could make use of specialist laboratories to help with diagnoses as well as genetic testing to uncover individual weaknesses. Along with these new diagnostic skills I also introduced UVB and red light phototherapy, alongside highly focused herbal medicines.