Wellness at The Retreat - Friday 20th March 2020

“The Slow Life Project: The neuroscience of living life from a Deeper space”

This event will be our fourth Wellness Retreat Day, this time to be held at our newest venue, The Retreat in the New Forest. The Retreat New Forest is all about taking time out to rejuvenate and restore. A space that is welcoming and nourishing for all. A hub of holistic and whole-person wellbeing. A Retreat from life’s hectic pace, in the heart of the stunning New Forest.

The day will feature two Wellness Coaches who are going to help and educate you on living life from a Deeper space through the power of neuroscience.

Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, author and leadership adviser working with leaders worldwide to help them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance, improve their ability to manage stress, regulate emotions, and retain information. We can all benefit from adopting habits that helps us access the untapped parts of our brains.The key is to focus on the basics and to introduce small but effective changes that can help our brain. To learn more about Dr Tara Swart click here

Robert Kavanagh (MCSP AACP NKT AiM SFMA NCAPHS BMAS P-DTR FRA) Neuroscience expert, who’s approach is fundamentally based on my understanding the finer mechanisms of our Nervous System (our sensory & movement system) and how it “senses” information within our bodies, and then using it to interpret our perception of reality around us. Assessing how well we feel and how clearly we interpret everything that we are feeling! I fine-tune this “sensational” communication instrument, called our body! We all know how it feels when it’s “out of tune”!

Aswell as our expert speakers, the day will offer a two course lunch plus tea & coffee

Wellness at the barn speaker 04

Robert Kavanagh

Wellness at the barn speaker 01

Dr. Tara Swart

“I wrote this book for people who want to improve their lives based on rigorous science but are also interested in alternative thinking. I used the advances in neuroscience research to explain things that we intuitively felt were helpful, but previously did not know exactly why.”

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