Making the most of your parential journey - With loveparentlove

£20 - BOOK

26th June 2019 - The Oxmarket Gallery, PO19 1YH

Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8pm start

Caroline Hanson is the founder of Loveparentlove and mother of 4 herself. This evening is going to help you enjoy your parental journey even more. The structure of her talk will cover these four points:

      Discover how to achieve calm parenting
      Learn how to respond rather than react to your child(ren)
      Understand why self compassion is unselfish
      Incorporate calm strategies into your daily routine

Caroline will also in the second half of the talk look at "Loosing the Mama Guilt, which we can all suffer from. She will encourage you to ditch the guilt so you can become the best Mama you want to be. She will give you a ton of coping strategies for this, so that you can apply them over the Summer Holidays!!

£20 - BOOK