Wellness Wednesday Themes & dates

25th April - Preventative Medicine, Self Care and Stress Control

25th April - Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8pm start

Hosted by Sam Watts who currently works in Cancer Research at Southampton Hospital. He completed his clinical training in Ayurvedic Medicine which he now follows in private practice. Sam specialises in preventative medicine and the holistic management of chronic health conditions that conventional medicine alone is often ineffective at treating. Also hosting is Charlotte Thorton who is an experienced Life Coach with a passion for helping people prioritise what’s important and to put Self Care high on the priority list. Charlotte also believes we don’t all understand the cost of Stress in our lives, so she is keen to educate us about why we all need to take steps to manage Stress.


To read more about Sam Watts please visit her website - www.mind-body-medical.co.uk

To read more about Charlotte Thorton please visit her website - www.charlottethornton.com