Wellness Wednesday Themes & dates

23rd May - Reaching your full Potential and Creative living

23rd May - Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8pm start

This evening will focus on how to obtain the tools to lead a happier, more fulfilled and positive life. Award winning Performance Coach Sara Milne Rowe who has recently written the book “The Shed Method” will talk us through unique methods she uses to help people reach their fullest potential and make better choices in Life. Sara believes if we achieve a sensible balance of four things: Sleep, Hydration, Exercise and Diet - your SHED, then we will lead a better life. Life Coach Kate Taylor will also be talking. Kate encourages a creative approach to living and wants us all to banish limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves. She believes in unlocking our inner wisdom and leading a life that represents our values.

To read more about Sara Milne Rowe please visit her website - www.coachingimpact.co.uk

To read more about Kate Taylor please visit her website - www.katetaylor.co